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Course Overview:

This course is specifically for friends and family members supporting a wife through the challenging, counter-intuitive process of healing after betrayal. Tammy Gustafson, LPC, offers practical, expert advice on ways to help and not cause harm. In addition to other video training, there is a worksheet that helps you dive deeper into understanding her process and your next steps.

This course is for you if:

  • You care about someone who is struggling after betrayal
  • You want to help but don't know how to
  • You are walking on eggshells around her, not sure what to say or do
  • You are open to learning what would help her heal, even if it feels counter-intuitive

To wives who have experienced betrayal:

  • Are you tired of trying to explain your pain and healing process to those closest to you?
  • Have you been hurt by well-meaning people in your life who don't understand?
  • Are you pulling away from others because you don't have the energy to explain what is going on?

This course can stand in the gap for you by compassionately teaching those you love about the healing process and what you need on the journey.


Tammy Gustafson, LPC

Tammy is a coach, counselor, writer, and speaker. She is passionate about walking with women through betrayal because this is her story as well. This combination gives her a powerful and unique perspective on the healing journey.

Tammy brings strength, clarity, and compassion to those she walks with, helping them find their voice and set healthy boundaries, untangling them when they get stuck, and helping them reclaim their worth and value.

In addition to helping women heal from betrayal, Tammy is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She lives in Colorado with her husband and four kids, where she is also the founder and CEO of LiveFree Counseling.